Mauricio Delfin


A member of the EU/UNESCO Expert Facility, Mauricio has been a Research Associate for Tándem, a cultural policy think-tank, and a Development Strategist for La Factura, a civic software company. He was awarded the Vanier Scholarship in 2014, chosen as an OAS Open Government Fellow in 2015, and selected as a Fellow for the Latin American Initiative for Open Data in 2020. 

A cultural manager and activist with experience in cultural policy advocacy, Delfin co-founded Realidad Visual, a Peruvian media arts organization, the Peruvian National Summit of Culture, and Culturaperu, a Cultural Information System maintained by civil society. As director of Solar, he leads projects that promote open government principles and practices in the arts and cultural sectors. Mauricio holds Joint Honors in Anthropology and International Development Studies from McGill University and an MA in Media, Culture, and Communication from NYU. He is a doctoral candidate in Communication Studies at McGill University and a Research Associate at the Center for Artistic Activism.

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Mapping Artistic Activism Group
Research Associate and Member of the Steering Committee

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