The Artistic Activism Research CoLab (AARC) is an international network of researchers interested in studying the field of creative activism at a global level.

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Congratulations to Stephen Duncombe for publishing Aeffect: The Affect and Effect of Artistic Activism (2024), which draws on more than twenty-five years of experi­ence in the field and one hundred in-depth interviews with artistic activists worldwide.
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LINES: An Exhibition

LINES: Making Friends; Crossing Borders launched in 2023 at The Bloc, Queen Mary University of London. The exhibition explored the politics of twinning, looking at the ways that translocal constellations of friends have come together to press for social change across a range of issue areas and global challenges.
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Recent Presentations

Valuing Arts and Culture for Activism, by Tully Barnett
On Lumbung and Time, by Mirwan Andan
Creating Worlds Otherwise, by Paula Serafini

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