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Dr Holly Eva Ryan is a Reader in International Relations and a Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean at Queen Mary, University of London. Her research explores the relationship between aesthetics, power, and the political expressions of non-state actors in world politics. This includes (but is not limited to) artists, social movements, and NGOs.

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  • Ryan, H.E. (2020) Political Street Art in Social Mobilization: A Tale of Two Protests in McGarry, A. et al. (eds.) The Aesthetics of Global Protest: Visual Culture and Communication. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press
  • Ryan, H.E. (2019) The Aesthetic Politics of NGOs in Davies, T.R. (ed.) Routledge Handbook on NGOs. London: Routledge
  • Ryan, H.E. (2018) ‘Os Anos de Chumbo’, Grupo Tupinãodá and the possibilities of street art for resistance in Martins, R., and Canevacci, M. (eds.) Lusophone Hip-hop. ‘Who we are’ and ‘where we are’:  identity, urban culture and belonging. London: Sean Kingston Publishers
  • Ryan, H.E. (2015) Moving Forwards, Looking Backwards: Os Anos de Chumbo, Tupinãodá and the new politics of memory in Brazil in Fuggle, S. and Henri, T. (eds.) Return to the Street. London: Pavement Books

Review Articles

  • Ryan, H.E. (forthcoming) Love the Dark Days. Mathur, I. Reviewed in Journal of Indentureship and its Legacies
  • Ryan, H.E. (2022) Sensible Politics. Callahan, W. Reviewed in Perspectives on Politics.
  • Ryan, H.E. (2021) Visual Global Politics. Bleiker, R (Ed). Reviewed in Visual Communication, 20 (1)
  • Ryan, H.E. (2014) Displaced. The Human Cost of Development and Resettlement. Bennett, O. and McDowell, C.Reviewed in: Anthropology in Action, 21(1)

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