Dipti Desai

United States

Dipti Desai’s multidisciplinary research addresses the intersection between visual art, activism, and critical pedagogy. She has co-authored three books and published widely in the area of anti-racist art education, contemporary art as a critical pedagogical site, and artistic activism. Dipti is Professor of Art and Art Education and Co-Director of the Graduate Art + Education Programs at New York University, USA.

CoLab Projects

Mapping Artistic Activism


Creating Third Spaces of Learning for Post-Capitalism

In this book — Co-Authored by Dipti Desai — the authors’ post-capitalist approach to change focuses less on what we need to dismantle and more on what educators and activists are building in its place. Studying schools and other social organizations in the Global North and South, the authors identify and examine some of today’s most interesting counter-hegemonic spaces in formal and informal education.

Selected Works

  • Anderson, G. L., Desai, D., Heras A. I., Spreen, C.A. (2023). Creating Third Spaces of Learning for Post-Capitalism: Lessons from Educators, Artists, and Activists. New York and London: Routledge.
  • Bell, L., and Desai, D. (Eds.). (2014). Social Justice and the Arts. New York and London: Taylor and Francis
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